Crystals are Having More than a Moment!

In 2017 everyone said Crystals were having a moment as they appeared in Social Media, Home Decor and the Kardashians.  Now that it’s 2018 it’s official Crystals are having more than a Moment.  So what’s all the commotion about?  As a sceptic, I attended a Healing Crystal Workshop before joining the trend.  First and foremost, it’s undeniable that Crystals are beautiful.  I didn’t however know that can serve a healing purpose.

Let me start from the beginning as I am a true believer that things happen for a reason at their respectable times.  During the months of December and January I spent most of my time stressed out over a home remodel that dragged.  In February, I spent my time unpacking our entire home, decorating and turned the big 3-0.  As March appeared, life finally began to settle down but I spent most of my energy complaining I was old.  While I tried to get everything back to “normal” I realized I had failed to take care of myself.  If you’ve been a long time reader, this is not news but with a new decade came a new mentality.  After attending the Healing Crystal Workshop I realized how much energy and time I had wasted during the first few months of the year.  This may not have been the purpose of the class, but I considered what I learned valuable.  Although I may not put into practice everything discussed, I can see the appeal in Crystals.

Let the Crystals choose you…

Did you know, they choose you? In the realm of “Wellness and Healing” each Crystal serves an individual Healing Property such as love, balance, or stability.  So the next time you see a Crystal you think is beautiful or eye catching, research it’s purpose – you may find it reflects situations occurring in your life.

They are more than decorations. . .

Aside from being stunning home decor, Crystals can be used as a form of protection, personal affirmation and meditative aid.  For example, the Carnelian stone is believed to be a “stabilizing stone”.  Someone who seeks those attributes may wear an article of jewelry to promote those qualities.

Avenue 50 Crystals

Crystals are now in Beauty and Wellness Products. . .

 I might be guilty of purchasing a few Crystals for our home because they’re beautiful but the sudden influx of Crystals in Beauty and Wellness has everyone including myself taking notice.  Crystals can be found in Aromatherapy, Bath Products and Makeup.  Their popularity is undeniable.  Even if you aren’t a believer, you can’t deny their gratifying presence.

Avenue 50 Crystals

If you are a believer, make your Crystals work for you!

Crystal Healing requires you to program your Crystal.  You may program individual Crystals, a pouch of Crystals or an article of Jewelry.  It’s fast and easy!  You simply hold the Crystal in your hands, open your heart and mind, and say your desired affirmation.

Don’t use dirty Crystals!

Yup, you heard me. Crystals store energy and therefore need to be cleansed.  There are several ways you can do this.  A common method is by placing your Crystals outside in the light of sun or the moon.  However, if you don’t have a schedule that can work with natural light, you can smudge your crystals with sage or cleanse them in water or salt.  Cleansing your crystal is personal and not all methods work for each and every crystal as some Crystals cannot withstand salt.  Regardless of your method, cleansing your Crystals is worthy of your time if you intend using them beyond the scope of decorating your home.

So what do you think?

I can appreciate that the practice allows you to carve out time in your day even if it is for a few seconds.  Whether it’s holding a crystal in your hand, lighting a candle or spraying a room with an essential oil, it forces you to step away from life’s chaos and focus on wellness, which is good.  It makes you choose to set the tone – who doesn’t want that?


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