DISNEY x NCLA 8-Piece Good vs. Evil Nail Wrap Collection Will Have You Halloween Ready!

Halloween is two weeks away and I’m not too sure why but I am not into the Holiday sprit. Has that ever happened to you?  A Holiday is approaching and you just aren’t into it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween but lately it’s difficult to get back into the groove of things.  So I’ve decided to gradually get into Halloween, you know – “baby steps”.  So in my quest I found the perfect way to incorporate Halloween without feeling like I was trying I discovered Disney teamed up with California based company NCLA  to create 8 nail wraps based off of Villains and Princesses.  What better way to ease into Halloween than through nail art!

Each Nail Wrap pack contains 26 wraps and retail for $18.00 each.  They are exclusively sold at the shopdisney.com here.  They are easy to apply as they are self adhesive.  There is no need to use a top coat or UV light compared to traditional nail art.  Every busy person can appreciate having intricate nail art without needing to spend hours at the salon.

Although the wraps are inspired by Disney Princesses and Villains I love that you don’t see the character’s faces.  Instead, each wrap features characteristics and symbols that represent each character.

“Live in the Shadows” Maleficent Nail Wraps

“Beauty Best” Sleeping Beauty Nail Wraps

“Body Language” Ursula Nail Wraps

“Full Time Floatin’ ”  Ariel Nail Wraps

“Dalmation Nation” 101 Dalmations Nail Wraps

“Believe in Evil” Evil Queen Nail Wraps

“De Vil Did It” Cruella de Vil Nail Wraps

“Someday” Snow White Nail Wraps

Which look do you love the most?  I honestly want all of them, but if I had to chose, which I do, I’d get the “Believe in Evil” and “Body Language”.  Which Disney x NCLA Nail Wrap will you be getting?

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