Hot Tools Bubble Curling Iron

With Spring near us, I decided to purchase the 1 -1/4″ Hot Tools Bubble Curling Iron to achieve natural Beachy Waves.  Although intimidating, the black pearl shape allows versatility when deciding which type of curl you’d like to have.  I will admit, this did take some time to master.  The NanoCeramic Buble Curling Iron retails for $49.99.


The wand heats up rather quickly and is rather easy to use after some practice.  This is a wonderful option for second day hair

The Kit includes: curling Wand, Storage Pouch and Heat Resistent Glove


The wand has the following features:

Foldaway  Safety Stand

Red Power indicator Light,

Rheostat control to adjust temperature with variable heat settings up to 430 degrees F

Separate on – off switch



I really enjoyed the 8 F’ tangle free swivel chord because I never had to stop what I was doing for untangling.  This might seem like a small task, but it really is a time waster in the long run.



You can purchase your own with a 20% coupon code from

Just Use promo code 207772 at check out. (Code no longer valid)

Do you use a curling iron?  If you do, which one do you use?

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