July 2015 Beauty Releases

With each new season, it’s only certain that there will be countless of beauty product releases.  For the month of July, I have gathered a few Beauty Releases I’ve been drooling over.

1. BECCA MINERAL BLUSH  (available in 8 shades) Retails for $32.oo

2. Colourpop Tie Dyes  Retail for $8.00

3. Sephora Collection & Hakuho Brush Collection (6 different brushes)  Retail for $30-$54

4. Urban Decay Cosmetics Smoky Palette Retails for $54.o0

5. Kat Von D Limited Edition Tattoo Liner Retails for $24.oo

5. Becca & Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector  in Champagne Pop Retails for $38



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