Laneige Cushion Concealer

My relationship with mornings resemble my relationships with past acquaintances.   I’ll be the first to admit I inadvertently avoid both, but like the annoying string of life questions received from former alumni; my deep set, purple under eyes are far from avoidable.

Over the summer I was introduced to the Korean beauty brand, LANEIGE and instantly fell in love with their Water Sleeping Mask.  So when I heard the line also made makeup, I was eager to try some of their products.   After testing out the LANEIGE Cushion Concealer over the summer, the experience further cemented the notion that Korean Beauty products are by no means a fad.

LANEIEGE Cushion Concealer


The LANEIGE Cushion Concealer  can be purchased at Target and retails for $19.00.  Unfortunately, the concealer has a limited color selection; light and medium.

The packaging is sleek, practical and by no means gimmicky. The wand contains 2.5 ML of product and can easily be dispensed with a click.  I love that the wand has a convenient side window showing how much product is available.

LANEIGE Cushion Concealer

The cushion tip is reminiscent of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer with the exception of it’s size.  The LANEIGE cushion tip is roughly a 1/4″ inch providing the perfect fit for concealing around the eyes and nose.  The cushion feels soft and by no means rough as I found no discomfort when applying the concealer.

If you are not a fan of using a cushion applicator, I recommend dabbing the product and quickly using a brush or your finger to blend.  This product quickly absorbs into the skin so working swiftly is required.

LANEIGE Cushion Concealer

Now let’s talk about the actual formula.   The concealer has a thin and watery consistency yet has the necessary pigmentation to cover sun spots, pimples and dark under eye circles without appearing gray.

The concealer feels cool and instantly hydrates your skin.  I found the thin formula long lasting without settling into fine lines, which is a plus for under eyes.  As a person with dry skin, I did find the formula as the accentuated my dry patches as the day progressed.

(Below: No Makeup or filter)
LANEIGE Cushion Concealer

I found the concealer to be very illuminating and ideal for contouring.  As a disclaimer this does have SPF 30 and contains Titanium Dioxide so if you are wary of a white cast I would advise against using this.  However, if you aren’t chased around the city by flash photography SPF is increasingly important during the day to prevent signs of early aging.

(Below: LANEIGE Cushion Concealer, no filter)

LANEIGE Cushion Concealer

Overall I am highly impressed of the LANEIGE Cushion Concealer.  I’ll be the first to admit I was nervous in using a high end drug store brand. As a makeup lover, I probably would have never purchased a $20.00 concealer from Target.  Since I associate Target with economical options and Sephora with higher end options, I probably would have overlooked this brand which is funny because I would be more than willing to pay $30.00 for the LANEIGE Cushion Concealer if it were sold at Sephora.

Obviously after trying the LANEIGE Cushion Concealer my hesitation quickly subsided but it did leave me wishing this amazing product would be sold at Ulta or Sephora.

Have you tried the LANEIGE Cushion Concealer?  Or do you also discriminate beauty products based on their price tag at Target?

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