MAC Alluring Aquatic



MAC just released their latest collection called “Alluring Aquatic”.  With each special collection comes limited addition colors and adorable packaging.  Normally, I don’t buy something simply for it’s packaging unless I truly love the product.  This time was clearly an exception.  MAC packaged the line in an adorable aquatic / metallic box with water stains that gives the appearance of the box being wet.




I fell in love, and I guess I wasn’t alone, seeing as the collection sold out almost instantly.  I haven’t seen this kind of hype for a MAC collection in awhile.  By the time I was able to get something, what I had originally wanted was SOLD OUT.  So I literally grabbed anything I could.   The colors are rather simple and honestly nothing special but as bad as it sounds I’m glad I was able to get something.  I justify the purchase with, yes it is rather ordinary, but now I can use a rather ordinary product in an adorable package. lol2014-09-05_10-48-38

What have you bought from the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection?

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