MustaeV 10 Shade Lip Cream Palette

I’ll be the first to admit my lipstick collection until recently has been bland as I usually gravitates towards the “better than my lips” shade.  For the longest, my go-to shade has been the bareMinerals lipgloss in Must Have Pink, a nude mauve pink.

  With fall in full swing, and a recent lipstick purge, it’s time to venture into trendier bolder looks.  I was so pleased to stumble upon The MustaeV 10 shade Lip Cream Palette as it is a gorgeous addition to any beginner or seasoned lipstick goer.


The MustaeV 10 shade lipstick cream palette comes in the traditional black sleek packaging that securely clasps.  I love that the palette is small enough to carry your purse (3″x4.33″) without fearing your personal belongings will become several shades of red.  Yes ladies, this has happened to me before so I commend MustaeV for taking the time to create wonderful packaging that won’t accidentally open.

The palette contains ten 1.5 g de-potted lipsticks and retails for $45.00.  It can be purchased on the MustaeV site.   As a point of reference, MAC lipsticks are 3g each and retail for $17.oo.  The palette can be purchased in several options: with a mirror with an acrylic palette and with or without a lip brush.

The palette pictured below has a generous sized mirror and lipstick brush and can open to 180 degrees.  Although the version I have has a mirror and not an acrylic palette I found I can still use the mirror as a palette to create customized shades.

As a pro makeup brand, MustaeV has created a lipstick palette to replace all lipsticks.  The compact contains a series of 9 pink, red and orange shades with various undertones and 1 white sheer lipstick that can be used to customize any shade or ombre look.  You can lighten or highlight a look using the white or deepen and intensify the lips using the rich red-brown shade on the bottom row.    As a pro palette I would have liked to see the white shade split with a blue shade in order to create deep plum shades.


The lipsticks  have a sheer glossy finish reminiscent to those of MAC’s Cremesheen.  I found each shades are creamy and comfortable to wear throughout the day without drying my lips.   As a person with dry lips, I noticed the sheer formula requires a lip scrub for an even application. Once the color begins to fade,  I was pleased to see slightly stained lips rather than the horrific white line formed by some lipsticks.


The 10 lip shades are very creamy and require a lip brush for a precise application.  I would  not recommend using your fingers, as it is highly unsanitary. MustaeV Lipbrush

 A good option to use is The MustaeV lip brush that retails for $10.00 but can be purchased for $5.00 when bundled with the 10 shade lip palette.  The Lip Pro Palette is designed so the bristles are packed tightly together when pressure is applied allowing for a precise lip.  (The swatches below were created without using a lip liner).  It’s size is made to fit perfectly into the palette for on the go touch ups and is made using a wooden handle and aluminum ferrule.


(Above: Swatches of the top row, from left to right)

1. A blue based barbie pink  2. Cool Blue based Coral 3. Berry Red 4.Red Purple  5.Orange Coral

Disclaimer: The second and third shades appear much different in person.


(Above: Swatches of the top row, from left to right)

1. Pink Nude  2. Brown Pale Nude 3. Pink Mauve 4.Red-Brown  5.White

Disclaimer: The color description are my personal opinion and once again the second and third shades appear much different in person.

Overall, I am highly impressed with MustaeV’s 10 Shade Lip Cream Palette.  Regardless of  your skin tone or undertones, the palette creates endless possibilities.  I also enjoy the Lip Cream Palette because it can be used for any season or occasion; whether you’re looking for an every day look, work appropriate look or a sexy night out look.  Even if you initially can’t see the shade you need, the Lip Cream Palette is designed so you can literally create your own.

What’s your favorite shade from the MustaeV’s 10 Shade Lip Cream Palette?

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