Nature Republic Aloe Vera Moisture Hand Mask

For the past two years the world of Skincare has fallen in love with Korean Sheet Masks.  They are equally convenient as they are effective.  Since they are a wonderful way to combat skin issues without the messy clean up.  However, in  a world fixated on anti-aging, we tend to neglect vital areas of our that show critical signs of aging; our necks and hands.  So when I discovered Nature Republic carried an Aloe Infused Sheet Mask for your hands I couldn’t resist.

Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Hand Mask

Nature Republic (Here)

Similar to the Baby Foot Peel Masks, the “Aloe Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Hand Mask” is a Moisturizing Mask infused glove.  It contains 14 ml/ 0.47 oz. of product and retails for under $5.99.  The overall process takes roughly 20 minutes and has the following active ingredients: Aloe leaf extract, Glycerin and Dimethicone.

Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Hand Mask

Having dry skin I can appreciate any recommendation that may improve the appearance of my dry hands.  Is that weird?

 For example, rather than being repulsed, if someone were to tell me to apply egg yolks and mayonnaise to my dry skin I’d probably be intrigued.  So you see, trying the Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Hand Mask is easier than creating an at home DIY mask.  While I wore the gloves, I loved that I was able to still do things.  The gloves did feel warm towards the end of the treatment but the promise of softer hands was worth it.  Upon removing the gloves, the packaging gave very little instruction on what to do with the extra gel.  Having things to do, I quickly rinsed my hands and applied my favorite hand lotion.  I’m sure if you have more time you can allow the product to air dry – just know its a substantial amount of product left.  With that being said, my hands did feel softer.  The Dimethicone also allows the treatment to remain on my hands for the majority of the day.  I can definitely see myself incorporating the Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Moisture Hand Mask into my skincare regime during the colder months or for special occasions.


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