When you’re Hairstyle is so Amazing no one is paying attention to your Abs!

We’re beginning to see Summer Trends surface the beauty world.  Beachy waves and glowing skin go hand with Coconuts, Charcoal and Unicorns.  Total “It Girl” Vanessa Hudgens graces the cover of the May Women’s Health Issue showing off her amazing hair.  Although Women’s Health is a fitness magazine and yes the focal point of the cover is to show off her abs, I’m completely focused on her hair!  Yes, totally having a girl crush on her beachy locks.   Having dry, frizzy hair accomplishing her cover look requires just as much effort as her abs. Fortunately for us, celebrity stylist Chad Wood shares how to recreate the same look at home using Oscar Blandi Hair products.

Celebrity stylist Chad Wood shares how to recreate the same look using Oscar Blandi Hair products in the comforts of our own home.

  All you need is a blow dryer, curling iron and a few Oscar Blandi products.

Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse

Hair Lift Mousse  6.3 oz $24.00

Step 1:

While wet, apply Hair Lift Mousse to hold the natural wave of your hair and tousle while drying. Part hair in the middle.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray

Pronto Heat Protect Spray 5 oz. $25.00

Step 2:

Apply Pronto Heat Protect Spray before styling with a curling iron. To get big, loose beachy curls, use the thicker part of the iron to wrap hair around. Continue in different directions until complete.

Oscar Blandi

PRONTO Texture and Volume Spray 4 oz. $26.00

LACCA Medium Hold Hairspray  7 oz. $25.00

Step 3:

When finished styling, spray Pronto Texture & Volume Spray throughout and tousle. This breaks up the curls and makes the style look effortless and more natural. Finish with the Lacca Medium Hold Hairspray.

Finally, if you’d like your hairstyle to withstand a few days, don’t forget to apply Dry Shampoo.   Would you attempt to recreate the Beachy Waves using Oscar Blandi Hair Care products?  Chad Wood makes it sound so easy, I think I am tempted.

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