Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

If there’s one thing I hate doing, it’s cleaning my makeup brushes.  Call me lazy but purchasing multiple brushes is easier.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I would much rather switch off to a clean brush than sit their individually spritzing my dirty brushes until they reach a level of cleanliness.  Is this madness?  possibly, but in a world where time is everything, those seconds quickly add up.

Enter Vera Mona.  Yes dolls, the creator of the Color Switch is a genius.  Consider Color Switch a dishwasher for makeup brushes.  Aside from having an assistant, this is the next best thing.  Whether you are a professional makeup artist or novice, clean makeup brushes are essential for several reasons.  First and foremost hygiene; but that aside, you need a clean brush to perform just about any task.


For that sole reason, when I came across the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo at Nigels I couldn’t resist.  The small tin, albeit small holds a strong punch.  As the Altoids of brush cleaners, it’s appearance is underwhelming but its performance is far superior than other products in the market.



Upon opening the metal tin, a sponge with a porous texture appears, similar to a brillo sponge yet not as abrasive.


For the purpose of demonstrating its amazing powers, I will be using a bdellium tools blending brush along with a highly pigmented “Morphe Brushes” eyeshadow in brown.


The entire process is very simple and requires absolutely no solvents or liquids; simply grab a dirty brush and gently glide it back and forth on the sponge’s surface.


After a few swipes, you’re brush is left clean and ready to use.


I am extremely happy with my Vera Mona Color Switch and would definitely recommend this as a means to clean one’s brushes.  In the long run, the Color Switch solo allows the every day doll the ability to invest in makeup instead of makeup brushes or spot cleaners.  The Vera Mona Color Switch Solo also provides the professional makeup artist with a necessary tool for their fast paced environment.

If there’s one thing I love more than clean brushes, is saving money in the process.

I’d love to hear your favorite brush cleaners, and whether or not you’ve tried the Color Switch solo.

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