Are your Brows Summer Ready?

…LaTweez has you covered!

Its no denying eyebrows frame the face and affect the appearance of your makeup.  Whether you love full, bushy brows or you prefer ones inspired by the 90’s, the one thing you cant live without is a set of tweezers!  With so many brands out there, which one is best?  Well, have you heard of LaTweez?  The brand is best known for its exclusive Diamond Dust tip technology and EXTREME grip surface.  Did I mention it also has a unique LED illuminating feature?  So regardless of where or when, the light ensures your skin is baby smooth.

To Celebrate Summer, LaTweez recently released their NEW Mermaid Tweezers

The Mermaid Tweezers have an aqua to purple ombre effect.  The light turns on by pressing the beautiful Swarovski Pearl button.  It’s every Mermaid lover’s dream!  Not only are they super trendy, they’re also made of quality material.  All tweezers are made of a high-grade stainless steel and exclusive Diamond Dust tip technology known for extending the tweezers longevity.


LaTweez Travel Beauty Kit

LaTweez is offering for the first time a limited edition Travel Kit that includes a Mermaid theme makeup bag, nail file, nail clipper, eyelash curler, angled eyebrow brush and slanted tweezers.  Not only is the kit adorable, it’s everything you need for your Summer travels.




Where can you find the LaTweez Mermaid Collection?

LaTweez’s Mermaid Tweezers retail for $32, or as part of the Mermaid Beauty Kit for $42. Both can be purchased at


Will you be grabbing anything from the LaTweez Mermaid Collection?

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