L’OREAL PARIS’ Pure-Sugar Scrub

…helped scrub the month of April away.

I’ve been gone a lot this year.  What can I say, life has its unexpected twists and turns and uncertainties.  Although stressful, these moments always lead to amazing experiences, they just require patience and positivity!  Even though you don’t share you’re experiencing “the grind” your skin always reveals the state of your life!  For example, my skin appears dull and grey when I don’t sleep.  When stressed my skin breaks out with hormonal acne and shows signs of fatigue,  dehydration and an exorbitant amount of texture and black heads.  It doesn’t help, during this time, I tend to abandon my skincare routine.  The month of April was a prime example.


Once May arrived I had to do something about my skin.  It got so bad I couldn’t get away with wearing my favorite BB Cream.  Everything made my skin look dry and textured.   Having ran out of my favorite exfoliator, I did what any girl would do… I made a late night run to CVS.  The goal – find something that slushed away dead skin and uncloged pores.  Once there, I found the L’OREAL PARIS’ new Pure-Sugar display.  I’ve heard positive reviews on all three scrubs but couldn’t resist purchasing the bright green one solely on appearances.  That’s bad – I know!  Later I realized I probably should have purchased the Coconut Oil Scrub for my dry skin.  Errors aside, the “Purify + Unclog” was exactly what my skin needed at the moment.


The scrub gently exfoliates your skin using real Kiwi Seeds and three different sugars: white, blonde and brown.  It’s thick, gel-like consistency works best with dry skin.  So I repeat, DON’T WET YOUR FACE.  The finely milled sugars won’t achieve the same results if your skin is wet.  The first time I used the scrub I immediately knew it would be a repurchase.  As you rub the sugar on your face you can feel the small granules as they work their magic.  Your skin is smoother, pores are cleaner and although having dry skin, the scrub doesn’t leave your skin feeling taut.  My only disclaimer is if you are sensitive to scents because it does contain fragrance.  I personally am not bothered by the scent and find it enjoyable.


Now let’s talk nitty gritty.  The Pure-Sugar Scrub/Exfoliant can be purchased at ULTA, CVS and on lorealparisusa.com.  It retails for $12.99 but if you get lucky you might be able to purchase it at ULTA during one of their BOGO sales.  The price is very affordable considering the jar contains 1.7 oz of product and its recommended use is 3x a week.

Have you tried any of the NEW L’OREAL Pure-Sugar Scrubs?

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