bliss fabulips sugar lip scrub

As women, we are told early on that exfoliating is an essential part to any beauty regimen.

The ultimate goal: smoothness.

 We would all love to have smooth feet, legs, hands, arms….. and as you can tell, just about everything else imaginable!

But never before did I consider exfoliating my lips.

 As I came across bliss fabulips sugar lip scrub at Sephora, it made me question where I’ve been all this time.

This sugar scrub has a subtle orange and vanilla scent- reminiscent of an orange cream soda and contains walnuts and almonds to gently exfoliate.


Only a small amount of product is needed to achieve results.

So this 0.50 oz. tub will last about two months when used on a regular basis.


The directions are simple, cover your lips with the scrub, gently exfoliate with your fingers and wipe clean.


 Voila ! After a few seconds of gentle circular motions your lips are prepped and primed.


Jumping on the lip scrub band wagon has been an eye opener.  I’ve found that lip scrubs vastly improve the appearance of ones lips, thus providing the perfect canvas for any lipstick.

I would recommend this as one of your heavy duty scrubs because the product does contains Shea butter and is on the greasy side; but none the less leave your lips feeling amazing and moisturized.

I find this is suitable for days when you have really dry, chapped lips; or when you are using dark vampy lipsticks.

Other lips scrubs to consider : sara happ “the lipscrub” or Lush Cosmetics “Mint Julips”

Do you have any favorite lip scrubs?

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  1. October 26, 2014 / 4:49 pm

    I definitely need to try this. Colorado turns you into a reptile come winter and I’m really bad about letting my mouth stay chapped (tmi?). Ordering this now!

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