Charlotte Tilbury’s Nordstrom Event

On February 24, Nordstrom (The Grove) had a very special beauty event featuring none other than Charlotte Tilbury, herself.

During the event, Charlotte Tilbury revealed her red carpet secrets and makeup tips as well as releasing her highly anticipated face mask.

For those of you who may not know, Charlotte Tilbury is a world renowned makeup artist who has worked on countless Hollywood clients.

Her most recent assignment, the Oscars.


Upon entering the event we were greeted with refreshments: champagne or chilled water.

As we sipped our beverages, we had the pleasure of witnessing a live tutorial performed on a gorgeous model.

With great detail, Charlotte Tibury explained each of her products as she graciously offered her personal tips and secrets.

It was an intimate experience, indeed.


Once the tutorial ended, a Q&A was followed by a meet and greet.

Above all, what stood out the most, was her inspirational message, that sometimes, as a woman, our greatest obstacle in life is overcoming one’s own insecurities and self doubts.   Upon overcoming ourselves, we as women are unstoppable.


The event concluded with the opportunity to purchase items from the collection and have our makeup done.


(Disclaimer: I am not in this picture)

The makeup artists were truly the creme de la creme.  Charlotte hand selected this group of artists from several regions to attend these events, for their exquisite skill sets.  The artists photographed above come from New York, Dallas, London, etc.

2015-02-26_00-03-13I really enjoyed this session of the event because unlike other events, I didn’t feel pressured to purchase items.  Instead, the artists who did my makeup was extremely helpful.  Not only did she make me look amazing, she also taught me how to personally apply the product for my face shape and gave me tips on how to improve my technique.

Above all, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase

the Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask.

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