Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm

Clinique rang in the New Year with a strong marketing campaign.  For the longest, the beauty house stood its ground amongst its peers by providing reliable, quality products without the need of flashy packaging or gimmicks.  Unfortunately, in an age where Fast Fashion has dominated the masses, Clinique has managed to successfully rebrand itself without compromising quality.

One of the new items in the Spring line are the oh so adorable Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm.  A conveniently packaged 2-in-1 pampering lip scrub & balm.  Clinique Sweet Pots

Currently, there are six different Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balms each retailing for $19.50.

Red Velvet , Orange Blossom, Pink Framboise, Sweet Rose, Candied Cassis and Black Honey.

They can be purchased at Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Clinique and Ulta Beauty.

Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm

Below is an image of the Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm in the color, Sweet Rose.

The packaging is both sleek and bold while maintaining a minimalistic approach.  It is clearly tailored for the girl on the go.

Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lips Balm

Upon opening, the frosted side contains a finely milled sugar-lip scrub that is sweet, and unscented.  Many have complained the scrub is not coarse enough and a bit underwhelming, but I feel people forget the lip’s skin area is delicate. The lip scrub provides a faint stain whereas the gloss applies sheer.  As someone who typically does not like lip balms, I loved that the Clinique Sweet Pots lip balm is hydrating, unscented and not sticky.

Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm

Overall, I love that the Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm is to the point, efficient and convenient while encased in adorable packaging.

I found since the packaging is bold and eye catching; I remember to use it.  I cannot begin to share how many chapsticks I’ve lost in my pure, car or gym bag.  Unlike most drab lip balms, this packaging can sit beautifully on my desk as a constant reminder to hydrate my lips.

Have you tried the new Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm?

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