Deck of Scarlet Teams up With Sonjdra Deluxe

“Deck of Scarlet” is the sexy, older sister in the realm of Makeup Subscriptions.

 If you are not familiar with traditional Monthly Subscription Services.  Each month you receive a series of samples that vary in size from traditional to deluxe, of products you might enjoy.  Deck of Scarlet however, is the first ever Eye Shadow Palette Subscription Service.  Every two months  you will receive a Palette with everything you need to complete a full face.  So there’s no fear that you’ll receive random items you don’t need or multiples.  If you’ve purchased Monthly Subscription services in the past,  you’ll know it’s common to have four mauve lipsticks.

Deck of Scarlet

Rest assure you won’t get random samples.  Deck of Scarlet collaborates with Beauty-Experts to curate a Makeup Palette that has everything you need to create bold, unforgettable looks.  If you decide a Palette collaboration is not for you, you can opt out and wait for the next one.

Deck of Scarlet

This month, Deck of Scarlet has teamed up with YouTube Beauty- Expert Sonjdra Deluxe to provide nine products: eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, highlighter, lip pencil.  Sonjdra’s goal was to create a palette that can be both bold and fierce while appearing playful and effortless.

Deck of Scarlet

Deck of ScarletDeck of ScarletDeck of ScarletDeck of Scarlet

Will you purchase the new Sonjdra Deluxe Palette?  For only $29.95, it’s pretty hard to pass.

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