Essential Oils: The Perfect Beginner Diffuser

Summer calendars play like a bad game of musical chairs.  From family outings, shopping summer sales to planning the next great adventure – relaxing is always the last task standing.  It doesn’t help that the word “relax” when said out loud NEVER feels relaxing.  Over time, I’ve found the act of relaxing takes time to plan and is never a “one size fits all”.  My best way to unwind is by stimulating the senses using essential oils.

Channeling my inner Spa Goddess, I’ve found the act of lying in a dark scented room, relaxing.  I by no means am an essential oil expert.  However, I find incorporating essential oils into my schedule has done wonders.  Considering I was skeptical with the whole ordeal, I purchased the most economical diffusor found at The Container Store.  Enter the AromaPod by “Sparoom” a plugin diffuser available in black and white that retails for $20.00.  The diffuser is quick and easy to use, simply plug into a USB port, fill with water, and add a few drops of your favorite oils.

Aroma Pod Diffuser

 I found the most challenging part of using essential oils is purchasing the right kind.  For example, I had no idea oils expire or that some are artificial.  The one advice I can give is to purchase your essential oils from a verified vendor and I cannot stress enough that you should always do your own research.  The essentials oils I purchased were from Whole Foods.  I instantly gravitated towards Lavender and Grapefruit for their relaxing and uplifting properties.  Obviously this method of relaxing is my own, but I challenge you this month to find methods to relax that work for you; wether its reading a book or spending time with friends.

Ready to take my challenge?  What is your best way of relaxing during the summer?

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