Essie Spring Collection 2014: Resort Fling

Happy Wednesday !!!!

With winter coming to an end, what better way to celebrate spring than with Essie Spring 2014 Collection: Resort Fling.


To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the new spring line up.  Are the colors cute?  YES.

Are they exciting?  Not really.

Overall, they are a transitional set from winter to spring which can be used all year round.  My favorite color in this set is Resort Fling, which shares a very similar color formula with Essie’s Tart Deco .

From Left to Right: Resort Fling, Find me an Oasis, Cocktails & Coconuts & Under the Twilight2014-03-12_01-05-24

The formulation of Essie nail polish is very watery and thin in consistency to create an even application.  I found that Resort Fling and Cocktails & Coconuts too runny. Both colors need at least 3 coats to fully reach opacity, with Resort Fling being the most translucent.

“Find me an Oasis” was by far the streakiest and chalky yet only needs two coats.  It is a lovely spring summer color, especially if you are a fan of white nail polish.  The color is a subtle powder blue.

“Under the Twilight” had the best formula.  It is the most  opaque in the set needing only 1 coat to see its dark cool nature.

Formulation aside,  I did not care for Cocktails & Coconuts.  I felt the color clashed with my skin tone.  I do believe a nude is an essential spring color,  and this color is beautiful.  Unfortunately, the tone just isn’t for me.

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