Evian® Facial Spray

The Evian® Facial Spray is an item beauty lover’s, makeup artists and French women have treasured for years.  I say this because if you try and explain this product to someone who isn’t a beauty enthusiast you’d be countered with adamant opposition for its necessity.  To put it simply, Evian® Facial Spray is water in a spray can.  But don’t be fooled, the Evian® Facial Spray is more than that.  For starters, each canister contains 100% pure Evian® Spring water.  Unlike tap water that is filled with unnecessary impurities and possible pollutants, Evian® Spring water endures a 15 year long journey down the French Alps and packaged in a leak-proof canister. With each spray, rest assure the natural mineral water will help hydrate, tone and sooth your skin.Evian Facial Spray

The Evian® Spray is available in three leak proof sizes.  The 1.7 oz./50 ml bottle retails individually for $7.50.  If you are seeking a deal you can purchase a set of three for $21.00.  It is convenient to have in your purse, backpack, gym bag or even diaper bag and is  also TSA approved.  There are two additional sizes available, the 5 oz. /150 ml that retails for $12.5 and the 10 oz. / 300 ml that retails for $18.00.  Personally, if you aren’t a novice to Facial Sprays, the 10 oz. option is a better deal.  (can be purchased here)

Evian Facial SpraySummer maybe over but if you live in Los Angeles or in areas similar to Miami and Houston you know the heat is not.  Although you can use the Evian® Facial Spray to prep the face for makeup I love to use it to refresh my skin.  I find the fine mist to be hydrating and soothing.  I also love that the Evian® water has a neutral 7.2 pH so it’s sure to restore my skin’s pH.  Why not use 100% mineral spring water to cleanse your face instead of chemical infused cleansing wipes on hot and sweaty days.  Not only will you be refreshing your skin, but you’ll be using a product that has shown to hydrate, tone and sooth the skin.

Have you used the Evian® Facial Spray?

A sample was provided by Brandaacker.  I have purchased these on my own in the past.

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