Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes

Earlier this year Wet n Wild launched a line of cruelty free, vegan free and gluten free makeup brushes.  The hype and intrigue was real as they were sold out for the greater part of the year.  Having finally found them at my local Rite Aid, I couldn’t help but pick up the only ones they had.  Don’t be fooled, the entire collection is made up of 18 brushes, 17 of which are white with pink tipped bristles and can be found at the Wet n Wild site (here).Wet n Wild Makeup Brush

The makeup brushes in the collection individually retail for under $3.00.  At such an economical price point and having a great amount of hype, are they worth it?  I would never compare these to high end brushes or even mid-level brushes, buy would I pay $3.00 or $0.99?
Wet n Wild Makeup Brush

Large Eyeshadow Brush: Retail price $0.99

The large eyeshadow brush has a wonderful size for applying eyeshadow.  Unfortunately, the shape and size is the only good features this brush has.  After testing the large eyeshadow brush with various eyeshadow palettes the brush applied the eyeshadow patchy.

Foundation Brush

The foundation brush does a good job at applying foundation if you prefer an opaque finish and can work quickly.  It did a horrible job when I was building upon my existing foundation.  It left a very streaky and patchy finish.

Powder Brush : Retail price $2.99

I tested out the powder brush with both a softer and dryer formula brush.  The Wet n Wild powder brush is dense with short bristles.  I would rather use this as a blush brush as I enjoy powder brushes that have longer bristles and are not as dense.  I disliked this brush.  It created unnecessary fall-out on powders that have creamier formulas and wouldn’t pick up enough product when using dryer blushes like the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes.  Regardless of the formula, I disliked that the powder brush would move my foundation as I tried to blending the blush.

Wet n Wild Makeup Brush

The brushes are made of two-toned synthetic Polymax fibers and claim to hold any cream, powder, or  liquid formula without absorbtion.  After testing the three I purchased, this claim is true.  The brushes do pick up and dispense product without absorbing any product.  However, they fall short in fully dispensing the product in a smooth and blended finish.  Being cute and inexpensive unfortunately is not the only factors I consider when purchasing makeup brushes.  The Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes also have a dent on the plastic handles to aid in ergonomics.  This dent, did nothing.  If anything,  I consider makeup brushes to be the same a pencil; not everyone holds a pencil the same way.  I found the dent uncomfortable and would have preferred a silicone grip.  Overall I would not re-purchase this product.  I understand the appeal is the economical price, but there are other economical brands out there that work.

Have you tried the Wet n Wild makeup brushes?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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