L’oreal PURE Clay Mask is giving us options…

L’oreal is giving us more options at the drugstore with the recent release of its PURE CLAY line that consists of three face masks.  Wether you need to detox, brighten or clarify you’re sure to find something within the L’oreal PURE CLAY Face collection that not only work, but won’t dry out your skin.  Prior to this launch the drugstore lacked a face mask that mimicked higher end brands since traditional drugstore face masks fell short.

L'oreal PURE CLAY Glow Mask

The L’oreal Paris PURE CLAY MASK Argile-Pure is designed to exfoliate & refine pores.

 Each mask within the line has a net wt. of 1.7 oz (48g) and retail for $12.00.  This is a pricier product for the drugstore but can be purchased for far less using coupon or promotional code.   Although this is a drugstore product the ingredients justify the price.  Several of the key ingredients are found in higher end masks.  For example, the PURE mask collection focuses on using nature- sourced ingredients; Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Moroccan Lava Clays enhanced with Red Algae to draw out impurities, dirt and oils while unclogging and tightening pores.  The mask also contains apricot seed powder to exfoliate dead skin for smooth refreshed finish and glycerin to help improve the skin’s overall texture.

L'oreal PURE CLAY Glow Mask

 I found this to be an unexpectedly pleasant face mask.  The Pure-Clay mask was both fast and easy to use.  The mask took roughly 15 minutes to dry.  Make sure to apply an even layer to clean dry skin for optimal results.  Unlike typical clay masks, this mask was a breeze to remove.  I detest masks that require a gallon of water for their removal.  My only word of caution is to make sure you fully remove the mask before using a towel as I found the formula does stain.  As someone with dry skin, I enjoyed that the PURE-CLAY MASK  left my skin hydrated and clean.

Have you tried a mask from the L’oreal PURE CLAY collection?  I’d love to hear which is your favorite?


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