HAN Skin Care Cosmetics is an Example that All Natural Doesn’t Equal Expensive

In this day and age, products that are all natural, gluten and cruelty free with a hint of 100% Vegan are a magical recipe for success in just about any industry.  Morals and ethical reasons aside, consumers are becoming educated and learning the adverse affects products have not only on themselves but on the environment.  In the world of beauty, certain practices are difficult to achieve with this formula without compromising the products integrity or color payoff.  This however, does not mean it cannot be done as Kat Von D further cemented this notion when she announced her cosmetics line KVD Beauty would transition to become 100 % Vegan.  A challenge she will gladly accept regardless if certain products must be discontinued from the collection.  It’s wonderful to hear larger brands are incorporating these practices, but today let me share with you a smaller brand that has been doing this before all natural became trendy.  All natural, vegan and cruelty free products are typically found in specialty stores and come with a hefty price tag because lets face it, the “all natural” isn’t free!  Han Skin Care Cosmetics, however is an example that all natural doesn’t equal expensive or compromise quality.

Han Skin Care Cosmetics

I was first introduced to Han Skin Care Cosmetics last year during The Makeup Show’s Pop Up Shop in San Francisco.  The cosmetics line’s mission is to create nourishing, all natural products while providing vibrant colors.  True to it’s mission, the line is cruelty free and does not contain parabens, toxins, artificial fragrances, dyes or carmine.  While at their booth at the Makeup Show I was drawn to their 100% natural Cheek and Lip Tint in the shade Coral Hibiscus.  This tinted balm is a sweet vanilla scented punch of color that feels creamy and hydrating on one’s skin.

Han Skin Care Cosmetics

Above: Are all four shades in the Cheek & Lip Tints

The Cheek & Lip Tints retail for $14.00 and contain .20 oz  / 5.7 g of product.  Below is a swatch of the Cheek & Lip Tint in Coral Hibiscus.  As you can see, you would have never guessed this product’s pigment came from plants and vegetables.  I would compare the color payoff to one of the many NARS Multiple sticks within my makeup collection.


Han Skin Care Cosmetics

 The only concern I have with this product is it’s shelf life.  Typically speaking all natural products have a shorter shelf life than their counterparts.  Is this the death of the makeup hoarder?  Or was that simply a trend all along?  Regardless, of whether or not the beauty market will begin to see a shift in consumer trends as more all natural products are introduced; HAN Cosmetics is at the forefront of a larger cause larger brands are beginning to agree are important.

 If you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend.  Don’t forget to drop by the Makeup Show as HAN Cosmetics will have their collection at booth #39.  The event is open to the public, for more information please visit The Makeup Show site (here).

Have you tried HAN Skin Care Cosmetics?


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