Fekkai Pot de creme


Fekkai’s “Pot de creme”

The Fekkai “Pot de creme” is a luscious leave in hair conditioner treatment that promises to nourish and protect dry damaged hair .  The scent alone is fantabulous.  Every time I use the product people compliment me, and ask me what I used.  The scent it gives off is by no means overwhelming or pungent, but it does have a soft long lasting scent.

The directions to use this product are simple: apply a quarter-sized amount of product to wet hair and style as desired.

Here is where I had some issues.  I consider my hair to be combination thin/thick, frizzy, and dry.  (Maybe more on the thin side than thick).  The product left my hair feeling greasy and weighted down after straightening my hair. It did however leave my hair feeling soft and smooth.

 Uneasy to classify this product as a fail, I decided to use this product like a normal hair conditioner rather than as a leave-in (AKA rinse in the shower).

This method proved to be successful because it left my hair feeling less greasy and weighed down.  Unless, you have very dry, coarse hair this product should not be used regularly.  If used regularly you will begin to notice product build up.

Would this be a repurchase:  Probably not.

I love the scent of the product, and how it made an improvement in my hair, but unfortunately the formula is far too heavy for my hair.  I would not recommend this for those with thin hair.  However, if you do have dry, coarse hair, or thick curly hair that leans on the frizzy side this product would be perfect.


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