Bite Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library


This kit is absolutely adorable.  Bite is seriously winning my heart.  For being a lip gloss HATER, this set has transformed  me into a true admirer.  The glosses  come in a cute floral case.   The box is beautiful enough to have out.  Each gloss comes in a clear tube and has silicon cap.

The glosses are twelve(12) 0.05 oz tubes.  When compared to a regular tube that retails at $22.00 for .13 oz, this kit by no means is over priced.  I personally prefer the mini size seeing as I never really finish my lip gloss and any larger would spoil.

   The Lip Gloss Library is a great purchase if you do not already have a variety of glosses and are universally flattering.  The colors range from neutrals to bold pinks reds and purples that are great to create day-to day looks as well as for the evening.

Now lets talk about the actual gloss….

The overall application is consistent, with each gloss  providing a sheer burst of color.  They aren’t at all greasy but very moisturizing.   The sheer coverage may be a problem for those with darker lips, but they can be applied over a lipstick or combined with other shades from the collection.

The glosses consistency feels tacky when applying but not sticky.  This only really seems to feel this way during the application because throughout the day you only really notice that your lips feel soft and moisturizing and not sticky.  The wear time for me is roughly two hours.

The only drawback for some may be the scent and taste.  The collection is made from all natural ingredients and uses rose oil, leaving each tube smelling somewhat floral.  I’ve noticed the scent is not consistent w/ each shade seeing as some have a stronger scent than others.  The glosses also have a sweet floral taste to them.  Personally, the scent and taste does not bother me.

My favorite color is #Three (light coral)


One –light pink mauve, Two rosie pink, Three- light coral, Four-raisin,Five-mauve



 Six-dusty rose, Seven-dusty coral, Eight-muted cherry,


 Nine-apple red, Tenjewel red, Eleven-dark red/brown, Twelvedeep purple  


From ascending order: one, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven & twelve


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