fresh: Brown Sugar Hand Cream

During the summer, I like to use a hand cream with a clean scent.  Personally, I am not fond of sweet floral scents during scorching weather.

While in Sephora, I purchased fresh’s “Brown Sugar Hand Cream” because of its lemon scent and superior moisturizing ingredients.  Fresh is a high-end brand, which advertises it only uses the best of the best.  Therefore, at $18.00 I myself was not skimping on the prospects of soft beautiful hands for the summer.

fresh Brown Sugar Hand Cream

I write this review with hesitation.  Fresh is a brand I’ve always gushed over, but rarely purchased.  I love Sephora’s 100-point perk of their sugar lip treatment. I have also sample their Rice Dry Oil every time I get the chance. So I was pretty excited when I purchased their “Brown Sugar Hand Cream”.

The cream is a light beige, off-white color with a thin consistency.   The cream is quickly absorbed once applied. At first, my hands appear greasy but matte the touch. With time, the greasy look subsides leaving my hands feeling soft.

The scent is where this product takes a turn for the worst. When first applied, the cream has a lemon scent. Some may argue a smell similar to a lemon scented cleaning product.  With time, my hands began to smell like a pile of wet cleaning rags, or abandoned sweaty gym clothing that were left in a bag. At first I thought it was just the way I interpreted the scent but soon found several people commenting on how I smelled. The only thing that has been more disappointing than the product’s scent, is the hefty price tag I paid for my newly soft hands to smell like dirty rags.  It may just have been a bad batch, but for now I will not be repurchasing fresh: Brown Sugar Hand Cream.


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