During the Sephora VIB Sale you could say I was on a mission.  The goal: a solution to my dry skin.  As a person who is accustomed to having dry flaky skin, I was well aware that my issue wasn’t my moisturizer.   I was in need of an exfoliator.

A dermatologist once told me that dead skin prevents products from fully being penetrated.  Seeing as I’m not a doctor, I won’t get into the technical stuff, other than re-emphasizing the fact that exfoliating is imperative for attaining healthy glowing skin.

Enter the fabulous Sephora sales girl whom kindly escorted me to a small end cap filled with TATA HARPER products.

TATA HARPER is a luxury brand geared towards consumers who love all-natural organic products.

The Regenerating Cleanser is packaged in a frosted glass bottle and retails at $75.00 for 4.1 oz.  A hefty markup compared to the classic 6 0z. St. Ives Apricot Scrub which retails for $3.54 at Target. Don’t get me wrong, it is expensive, but the packaging warrants the price because it is beautiful enough to display.

It has a citrus scent and leans more towards that of a grapefruit.


My personal skin concerns, are: dry skin, black heads and flaky patches.

The first time I used this,  I gently used my fingers to massage my dry face with the cleanser.  As I moved my fingers in a circular motion, I could begin to feel the finely milled particles doing its job.

After doing this for a quick second, I rinsed my face and could immediately see a natural glow beginning to surface.  The cleanser did not leave my face feeling dry.  Instead my face looked polished.

For reference, it took me two pumps to have enough product for one use.  Below is a picture of one pump.


This is a gentle cleanser, so it did not unclog my pores as much as I’d hope.  Using this cleanser with the Clarisonic is a different story.  The two together work marvelously.

I really love how polished the Regenerating Cleanser left my skin with a natural glow.  For the price, this is something I truly did not want to like.

 But the more I tried to avoid it, the more I missed using it.

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