Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show 2018

Indie Beauty Expo hosts their Best in Show Awards where they gather industry experts to judge what’s the top product in Indie Beauty. Winning best in beauty is no small feat, since more than 280 brands and 350 products were nominated for the 30 categories. Each nominated product was evaluated on their, “functionality, efficacy, texture, durability, packaging, scent, ingredients, performance, design and social responsibility” (Beauty Media Group).

Congratulations to the “Best in Show” Winners!

  1. Bar of Soap : Level Soap
  2. Bath Product: HoneyBelle
  3. Body Moisturizer: Restorsea
  4. Body Scrub: SpaRitual
  5. Clean Ingredient Brand: Province Apothecary
  6. Color Cosmetics: Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics
  7. Deodorant: Brother’s Artisan Oil
  8. Eye Makeup: Elate Cosmetics
  9. Eye Treatment: Beauty By Earth
  10. Face Mask: Apoem
  11. Facial Cleanser: Code of Harmony
  12. Moisturizer for the Face: Restorsea
  13. Scrub for the Face: O’o Hawaii
  14. Facial Serum / Oil: Dr. Macrene 37 Actives Skin Results
  15. Foot Care: Way of Will
  16. Fragrance: Flora Remedia
  17. Gym Product: Sweat Cosmetics
  18. Hairstyling Product: Eleni & Chris
  19. Hand Cream: Elvis + Elvin
  20. Impulse Buy: Olika
  21. Ingestible: Hum Nutrition
  22. Lip Color: Ogee
  23. Men’s Grooming: Big Boy
  24. Nail Polish: Spa Ritual
  25. Oral Care: Alka-White Mouthwash LLC
  26. Packaging Design: Girl Undiscovered
  27. Shampoo / Conditioner: Groh
  28. Sheet Mask: When Beauty
  29. SPF: Prep Cosmetics
  30. Unique Ingredient: Sahajan

All 30 Winners can be purchased as a Limited Edition Collection (here)

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