Kate Somerville EradiKate

With every girl’s luck, the most horrific creature takes residence on your face during the worst of times.   With slight warning, these monsters gradually move in with such an overpowering presence they simply dominate your attention.

Fixated, you repeatedly pet these monsters only causing them to get larger.

The monster: the cystic pimple.

What can I say, it happens to the best of us…

There are several causes for having cystic pimples.  The array of acne products available only leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Recently, I developed adult acne.  A patch of cystic pimples decided to set up camp on my jawline.  Hormones I suppose, but annoying nonetheless.

 These pimples were the kind buried underneath the skin that never seemed to heal.  They were both painful and inflamed.

After much research, I came across Kate Somerville’s EradiKate.



 This 1 FL oz.  Kate Somerville EradiKate  retails for $24.00

Below is an image of a brand new bottle,  as you can tell mine has taken a beating.

The product’s active ingredient is sulfur which has been used to treat acne for several years.

HOW TO USE: Dip a clean q-tip until it reaches the pink portion.  Apply on pimples before bed time.

As you can tell this product separates with the pink substance settling to the bottom; similar to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

It is important not to shake.

I found this product to work wonders on my pimple patch.  With one use, the pimples began to form a head, tremendously speeding up the healing process.

My only suggestion would be to use this product at night, unless you plan on staying home.   When applied, this product looks very similar to calamine lotion and smells like sulfur.

To be truthful, there’s nothing glamorous about using this product but it is the most effective product I’ve found without a prescription.

What are your acne secrets?


  1. October 30, 2014 / 7:50 pm

    This product sounds interesting. I wonder, does it work better than pure tea tree oil for you? I’ve only been using tea tree oil to treat those annoying hormonal pimples on my jawline and chin and they do work well enough, but I’m wondering if this works faster and whatnot. 🙂

    Kissel │www.palettesnferrules.com

    • Avenue50
      November 4, 2014 / 10:38 am

      I found that it worked faster than tea tree oil. I also noticed it didn’t dry out my skin. Personally, I enjoyed the smell of sulfur over the scent of tea tree oil.

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