Kerry Herta’s Beauty and Complexion Boot Camp

Kerry Herta’s Beauty and Complexion Boot Camp at Nigel Beauty Emporium used Veil Cosmetic products to create a Clean Natural aesthetic.  For those of you who might not know, Kerry Herta is a talented Makeup Artist. She’s not only a Guild Award Winner but also an Emmy Nominee.  In Pop Culture she is best known for her FX Artistry on the Iconic Campaigns for “American Horror Story”.  If you are familiar with her work, her magic stems from creating convoluted characters that are captivating, horrific yet simultaneously beautiful.

Kerry Herta

When choosing products for Complexion, Kerry expressed adaptability and versatility as the principle characteristics an artist must consider.

Kerry Herta

During the demo Kerry explained the important of choosing the right products for your makeup kit.  In the industry, makeup must change at the drop of a hat or must be retouched hours after application.  Products must provide artists with longevity and durability.  They shouldn’t break down on the skin or change in appearance over time.  Essentially they need to be efficient since makeup artists need to be efficient.  The last thing you want as a Makeup Artist is a product that requires unnecessary layers, as they are not conducive. Throughout the Boot Camp Kerry demonstrated her use of Veil Cosmetic explaining the characteristics as well as how she personally uses each product.  Veil Cosmetics meets all of her requirements as an Artist and more!  The product line is water-based, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Multi-Use, plays well synthetic formulas, is weightless and did I mention- highly versatile.

Kerry Herta

Sunset Light

The first product Kerry used was the Sunset Light Primer.  The Primer is a water-based formula that contains White Water Lily extract to brighten the skin, Cinnamon bark extract to plump and Sooth and Sodium Hyaluronate to Hydrate.  She explained it is therefore a 3-in-1 product.  She loves using it as a serum, a primer and a mixing agent.  After she prepped the model’s skin, she used the Sunset Light as a mixing agent for the foundation and the Complexion Fix. She then used the same product and combined it with Powdered Blush and Eye Shadow to create cream products.

Kerry Herta

Sunset Skin Foundation

The Sunset Skin Foundation she used is also a water-based, oil free formula that pairs beautifully with the Primer.  It is available in 15 shades, ranging from: Porcelain, Light, Medium, Tan and Deep.  It is broken down further into three undertones, Pink, Neutral or Gold.  Kerry explained although the line has an extensive range, its important to understand that a person’s face has several shades and therefore requires more than one foundation color.  In essence, using one foundation creates a flat canvas; unless that is the goal it should be avoided.  If there’s one thing I learned during the Boot Camp, is that creating dimension is the key to artistry.

Although many people prefer oil-based foundations, there are advantages in working with a water-based formula. For one, its ability to diffuse light aids in creating dimension.  Unlike other foundations that create a barrier on the skin, the Sunset Skin Foundation works with your skin’s heat to create a natural radiant finish.  It’s sheer to medium coverage also makes for a wonderful complexion product on men; as you don’t want a man’s skin to appear feminine on camera.

Kerry Herta

Otto Matte:

The newest product to Veil Cosmetics is the “Otto Matte”.  I cannot describe its unique consistency with one adjective.  It feels like a cream but almost feels waxy to the touch.  It has a satin, powdery finish but does not leave the skin with a powdery residue.  Most importantly, it has a weightless formula that can be applied over or under products.  Its sheer and colorless finish also allows you to use the Otto Matte as a primer or setting powder regardless of the person’s complexion. After testing this out after the class, I can’t wait to try it!

“Bellow:   Otto Matte”

Kerry Herta

Kerry’s work embodies radiance and dimension, regardless if the character has yellow or blue skin.  The moment the lesson began; I instantly understood what separates her work from others.  With each light brush stroke, Kerry’s applies products to create a flawless complexion. Never appearing flat or giving the appearance of having been “painted on”.  The last thing you’ll see from Kerry Herta is Contouring but rather a delicate play on light and shadows. It also helps that she uses amazing products from Veil Cosmetics which by the way I couldn’t help but purchase after the Boot Camp.  But I’ll share with you what I got another day.

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