Korres: Greek Yoghurt Cleansing & Makeup Removing Wipes For All Skin Types

Over time, you begin to realize the way you go about skincare becomes prevalent in the results of your beauty routine.  Your skin, is a reflection as to how well your makeup performs.  Regardless of what foundations promise, or how much they cost; any if not all results are determined by your skin type, texture, etc.  Therefore, it is important to take care of your skin.  The Korres Greek Yoghurt Wipes are quintessential in achieving beautiful radiant skin when seeking products that contain natural ingredients.


  Each package retails for $15.00 and contains 25 wipes.  Therefore, each individual wipe will run you $0.60 ea.  With that being said, these are considered high-end/luxury makeup removing wipes.

[Price Reference: Neutrogena wipes  typically cost $8.99 at $0.36].

These wipes are awesome for not containing parabens, silicones, mineral oil, propylene glycol, or ethanolamines.


The package closes with tape adhesive.  At a $15.00 price tag, I would have preferred a closure similar to the Burt Bees wipes.  When I usually have wipes with these closures they tend to lose their adhesive causing the wipes to prematurely dry.  So far, I am mid-way through the pack, but there seems to be no signs of such issues.


The wipes are rather large.  Unlike other wipes which may take two or three per use, these may only require one.

My only complaint is that they aren’t necessarily very moist.  I prefer wipes that are heavily saturated.  I feel this helps with removing eye makeup and these are unfortunately lightly-moist.  Don’t let this fool you.  These wipes do properly remove makeup.

Now enough about what I didn’t like, let me share with you what I did.  I really love that these wipes do not leave behind a residue.  Unlike other makeup wipes that leave your feeling the that you need to wash your face afterwords.  These really do leave your skin feeling clean.  They are scented, but not offensive or overpowering.  They smell clean and feel refreshing.

 As you can see in the image above, they are textured.  The texture however is not abrasive to one’s skin yet aids in the removal of makeup.  

Overall, if they perform well, yet do now have overtly amazing characteristics, at this point you may be asking….why buy these? what makes these so special?

Well my friend, they are infused with greek yoghurt proteins and a blend of vitamins and minerals that not only instantly nourish skin and sooth irritation.

Ultimately, the little extra $$$ goes towards a pretty efficient skin booster; because in the end, everything we apply on our face effects our skin.  So why not splurge a bit.

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