LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

Summer is known for putting your skin through the ringer.  Living in LA, my skin encounters  an abundance of weather variances and toxins throughout the day.  Ultimately, my daily beauty routine and my skin’s state of being determines the outcome of my makeup.  With that being said, I cannot stress the importance of having hydrated skin.  It doesn’t matter how expensive or prestigious a foundation may be, if my skin isn’t properly hydrated, and at its best, my foundation settles into my fine lines and pores.  As a person with dry skin, I was excited to have received, at BeautyCon, a sample of the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask.



LANEIGE, is a well established Korean Beauty Brand relatively new to the States.  Currently, their products can be found online at Target or in select Target locations.  The LANEIGE Water Sleeping mask contains 80 ml / ~ 2.7 oz of moisturizing goodness and retails for $23.00


The Water Sleeping mask is packaged in a sleek blue jar.  I’ve noticed LANEIGE packaging is reminiscent of Shiseido’s packaging.  As a beauty line that is sold at Target, LANEIGE has a luxurious presence.

Upon application, it’s translucent blue gel consistency has a cooling affect on one’s face.  Unlike other hydrating night masks, your skin quickly absorbs the Water Sleeping Mask without leaving behind a greasy or tacky residue.  I personally loved this feature!  I simply detest going to sleep feeling as though I’m moisturizing my pillow case.

As a disclaimer, the Water Sleeping Mask is lightly scented with their patented Aromatic Sleepscent; a combination orange flower, rose and sandalwood scent.  I personally don’t find this combination offensive as it is very faint and quickly dissipates.

On nights I use the Water Sleeping Mask I wake up with dewy, refreshed skin.  I must say, their patented Advanced Water Science technology really works!  This lightweight formula addresses dehydration to a degree appropriate for all skin types.  It’s infused with apricot and chestnut extracts to brighten and purify ones skin.  Having only used this product a few days, I can’t confirm these claims.  I can only reassure you that this will solve any signs of dehydration you may have.  As someone with dry skin, I would assume the mask would brighten and purify normal to oily skin faster, whereas my skin still needs additional pampering.  With time however, I’m sure I should begin to see improvements in brightness given our skins appears is rooted on whether or not our skin is hydrated.

Like I said before, hydration is everything ladies! Dehydrated skin appears aged and frankly can ruin even the best of makeup.  Fortunately, there are products in the market that are both affordable and functional.  LANEIGE has successfully combined a luxurious feel under an affordable price point.

Have you tried any products from LANEIGE?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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