MustaeV Eyeshadows

While at The Makeup Show LA I had the pleasure of stopping by the MustaeV Cosmetics booth.  I was initially drawn to their beautiful brush display but as I heard more about their wonderful products, I couldn’t resist their entire line.

 Let me just start off by saying everyone at the MustaeV booth was extremely friendly.  Rather than feeling as though I was drowned with information , you know – that feeling you get when you go to a Beauty counter at the mall and the sales girl gives you pitch after pitch in an effort to sell you something.  Well this was far from that.  You could tell with every bit of information shared, they truly believed and stood behind their products, which only added to my intrigue.


  MustaeV, pronounced “Must Have” is a Korean Cosmetics brand, which recently launched in the states.  As of now there is only one boutique in Texas, but don’t fear their items are available here.

MustaeV eyeshadows are gorgeous.  The collection consists of 61 shades and 3 finishes: pearl, glitter and matte.

Pearl shadows have a silky texture with pearl particles for a soft shimmering finish.

Glitter eyeshadows have finely milled glitters with an iridescent finish.

Matte shadows are creamy and silky to the touch with a velvety finish.


From left to right c/o MustaeV: Peacock , Julep and Flushed

 Each shadow is individually packaged in a sleek black pan and retails for $13.00; reminiscent of the individual MAC eyeshadow pans which retail for $16.00. For a point of reference,MustaeV pans have a net wt of 0.06 oz while MAC pans have a net wt. of 0.05 oz.


MustaeV eyeshadows are highly pigmented with an incredible color payoff.

 Out of the 61 shades, I chose Peacock, a deep brown with golden shimmers,  Flushed, a cool-toned matte pink and Julep, a warm-toned deep coppery pink with golden shimmers.


 Empty Mustaev Quad Shadow palettes retails for $5.00, c/o MustaeV.

 I love that MustaeV offers empty palettes.  Palettes allow you to carry an entire eye look in your purse without having to carry several individual shadows.

Unlike MAC palettes, MustaeV palettes are incredibly easy to de-pot.  Simply tear the back label off until a small hole appears.  Using a paperclip gently push the pan out.  I did have to clean the existing adhesive before using the double sided tape.

 The end results are beautiful!



MustaeV shadows have a soft and buttery texture, comparable to Lorac Pro eyeshadows.  Of the three shadows I found Flushed swatched powdery but did not appear powdery on the lid.  For having shimmers, the glitter and pearl shades (Julep and Peacock) are velvety and not at all gritty.

I love that each shadow is pigmented enough to wear individually.  I feel as though not many shadows have the opacity to do this, and a one shadowed lid feels refreshing for spring.

Mustaev-EyeshadowBut don’t fear, if the one eyeshadow look is not for you, MustaeV shadows are bold pigments that have the ability to create looks with dimension.  If you like a pop of color on your lids, this brand is definitely for you.

I found their wear time to be roughly around 6 hours and had no issues with creasing.

Overall, I am very pleased with MusteaV eyeshadows and cannot wait to try more of their products.

Have you guys tried MusteaV?


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