OCC: Metallic Lip Tar

A few months back I purchased a Metallic Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics OCC Lip Trio at Sephora.  Curious to try such an artistic brand, I chose what I considered to be a neutral palette, paying no attention to the fact that they were Metallic.  The trio I purchased is called Champagne Shores and includes 1 matte, 1 metallic and 1 primer Lip Tar.

OCC Lip Tars are known for their opacity and unbeatable pigmentation. Seeing as they blend beautifully, the collection allows for artistic creativity to create just about anything imaginable.

An individual full sized OCC Lip Tar contains 0.33 oz and retails for $18.oo, whereas a Lip Tar trio retails for $19.00 and includes 3x 0.08 oz tubes and a synthetic brush

Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free and do not contain synthetic preservatives.  Although small, each tube requires only the smallest drop to achieve an opaque bold lip while still having the ability to nourish as they contain Vitamin E and Hemp Oil.


As with most liquid lipsticks, Lip Tars may feel dry and possibly settle into fine lines when applied on chapped lips.  Therefore, it’s important to moisturize your lips before applying the Lip Tars.  I’ve found that any Chapstick would work; but if your lips are incredibly dry, the Peppermint in the Primer feels amazingly soothing.  I would definitely recommend purchasing the Primer individually to use as a regular Chapstick.

Lip Tar Matte in Trollop, a pink coral.




Metallic Lip Tar in Pris, a Champagne Light Pink

The OCC liquid lipsticks require very little maintenance throughout the day as they are long wearing.  For a precise application, I found you must use a lip brush and possibly a lip liner.  It is possible to apply with your fingers but the final result won’t be as precise.

The trio includes a small lip brush.  Having tried a few of OCC’s synthetic brushes, I cannot emphasize how deliciously soft they are.  Words cannot describe how much I love their brushes.

***Don’t worry, I’ll share in the future***

After using this trio I did not experience feathering.  The Lip Tars wear evenly throughout the day staining your lips with a hint of color.  I personally, enjoyed this because I dislike lip glosses that appear funky after a few hours.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience in using the OCC Lip Tars but would have much rather enjoyed a non-metallic kit.  I can see myself purchasing additional trios, and am especially leaning towards purchasing their new trio in PG Peach.

Have you guys tried OCC Lip Tars?

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