OG Slick x ’47 Brand

This week flew by faster than anticipated.  Did you know the NBA All Star Game is this weekend?  Or that they’re changing the Game by selecting team leaders?  Although New York Fashion week just ended, it feels like I got back yesterday and it’s already old news.  (Don’t worry, you’ll still see posts).  Current news however, everyone in L.A. has been talking about the NBA All Star Game; and I mean everyone including myself.  Why the commotion?  The 67th NBA All Star Game is in town!

In celebration, the Lifestyle and Fashion brand ‘Forty Seven Brand’ and Gaf Artist OG Slick created an exclusive capsule, the OG Slick x ’47 collection.  Available exclusively in store at Shoe Palace locations throughout L.A. or 47brand.com.

  Earlier this week, Shoe Palace hosted the Launch Event celebrating OG Slick’s creative vision on merch even Athliesure enthusiasts would die for.  Basketball fans may roll their eyes at the comment, but it’s hard to deny OG Slick made 47 Brand relevant in the eyes of a Beauty and Fashion lover.  Before this event, I had no idea who was “47 Brand”.  Yet the iconic “L.A Hands” are so synonymous with the West Coast, OG Slick didn’t need an introduction.

OG Slick x '47

“L.A. Hands” by OG Slick

OG Slick x '47

OG Slick and 47 brand hosted an amazing giveaway.  One attendee had the opportunity of winning their very own “A Slick Skull” sculpture.

OG Slick x '47

The Lave Gallery had a premium Shoe Cleaner station for touch ups.  I haven’t heard of this brand before but I have been told it is equivalent to “Jason Markk”.

OG Slick x '47

Now of course Shoe Palace, OG Slick and 47 Brand know how to throw a party; there were plenty of drinks and the event was catered by Fat Sal’s Deli.

Most importantly you were able to shop merch from the OG Slick x ’47 collection featuring the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.

OG Slick x '47

OG Slick x '47

I purchased the blue Clippers hat for the simple fact it had OG Slick’s artwork and I loved it.  If you know me, I’m not one for sports.  Upon arriving home for my Valentine’s Dinner my boyfriend asked, “Really you picked the Clippers?”  Where I responded, “Why, are they bad?”  Whether you’re a die hard fan, or an admirer of the Arts like myself, check out the OG Slick x ’47 collection.  Or if you’re simply a fan of Atleisure.

If you don’t follow basketball but you want to impress your loved ones with your knowledge, I’ve included the schedule for the NBA All Star Weekend.  Let’s face it, cute may be a good reason buy a hat, but being knowledgable on a topic is essential!

Friday, February 16

NBA All- Star Celebrity Game Presented by Ruffles – 7:00 P.M. ET

Mountain. Dew Kickstart Rising Start Game – 9:00 P.M. ET

Saturday, February 17

State Farm All- Star Saturday Night, featuring the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, JBL Three- Point Contest, and the Verizon Slam Dunk Contest – 8:00 P.M.  ET

Sunday, February 18

67th NBA All-Star Game – 8:00 P.M.

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