Rei Kawakubo, “Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between

On September 4th, the Met Gala’s exhibit featuring  Rei Kawakubo, “Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between” comes to a close.  A white room as her canvas, Rei Kawakubo paints the question, “Is fashion art?” Even if you thought the exhibit was just a room filled with “weird” fabric there’s no question each piece commands your attention.  Each article makes you separate yourself from the masses to answer a question without the use of social feedback.  For example, Rei Kawakubo poses the question “Good Taste / Bad Taste”.  Upon accessing the dress you give yourself a personal answer.  No Snap chat, text or googling required – thus allowing you to experience self expression without the masses; a concept now obsolete.

Embracing each piece as individual art, one can appreciate the creativity and talent required to be Rei Kawakubo.

 The presence of Fast Fashion and Digital Media has made ripples in the Fashion Industry.  Times are changing and the industry has taken notice.  However the question remains, when Fashion is bundled, what allows High Fashion to survive when Fast Fashion is so attainable? Last year’s Met Gala exhibit focused on craftsmanship, reiterating designers are artists while poetically depicting the sad reality that intricate designs now only last a season.

Times are changing and the industry has definitely taken notice.

Rei Kawakubo, “Comme des Garçons: “Art in Between” is beautifully curated. It separates the designer from the clothing, and the clothing from what is traditionally perceived as attire.  It is clear there are no limitations or boundaries in design.  The sense of limitless creativity is beautiful in a world consumed in abiding by social standards.

Furthermore, the exhibit blurs time.  Yes the exhibit incorporates designs from Rei Kawakubo’s extensive career – but we never question which season it belonged to; nor do we have a sense that the curators intension was to create a time capsule.


Instead, each article is an art piece.  Celebrating the concept that fashion is walking art thus distinguishing High Fashion from mass produced items.

  The “Commes de Garçons: Art of the In-Between” reminds patrons that although High Fashion may appear fleeting, it is undoubtedly timeless and therefore an art medium.

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