Soho Beauty Brand Perfume Atomizer

 What once was a very common perfume accessory has become rather obsolete.   While searching the internet for an atomizer, searches with perfume were hardly seen.  Not only are they rare to find, the ones out there are expensive (10+) with poor reviews.

 Although my online shopping fell short, I lucked out while venturing to my local CVS where I ran across the London SOHO NY Perfume Atomizer (retails at $5.99).


Perfume atomizers are great for both travel and daily use.  How great is the size.  It really does mimic the size of a lipstick.  ( I regret not showing a picture of the atomizer against a MAC bullet).

2014-10-16_23-25-06What I like the most about the atomizer is how simple it is to use.

 Simply remove the bottle from the plastic cover and unscrew the top.  This is how the atomizer looks once it is taken apart.  Once you’ve reached this point, you can either pour the perfume or spray the perfume into the small glass bottle.

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