Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan.

July marks the mid- year point where I typically analyze how life is going. Although much better than my beloved 2018, this year has had its bumps and I can’t say it’s been pleasant. Unfortunately, the site continues to be down. I’ve tried prioritizing it, however there simply isn’t enough time. Ironically, the site has become a true reflection of my efforts towards investing time in myself. It was a back fired plan.

“Whenever I attempted to work, something got in the way. It’s as if the universe had a different plan”.

After last year, I got tired of saying, “I’ll be back” or apologizing for not posting regularly. Simply put, it felt every step towards working on Avenue 50 was derailed. I’m very meticulous when starting new projects. I have that flaw where everything has to be “perfect” in order to start. That being said, every time I started, something inevitably happened. For example: when I would sit down to write my computer wouldn’t work, when I would sit down to film I would later realize the Mic batteries had died and finally what pushed me over the edge was discovering my camera decided it no longer wanted to work.

I never realized I was a believer in signs. It’s no surprise I am stubborn or the fact that I really do want this to work. But there was no denying it wasn’t the right time. For some odd reason, every time I had set time aside to work, it just didn’t work! This might be an excuse, or it might just mean the universe had a different plan.

Once the camera quit on me I had to analyze whether or not I should invest more on a project that was anything but successful. Learning when to quit hasn’t been my strong suit, but I’m not mad about it. Have you ever had a situation in your life where for whatever strange reason you wanted things to go a certain way but the universe had other plans?

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