The Beauty Subscription Anyone New to Makeup Should Try!

Deck of Scarlet lets you step outside your boundaries

It’s undeniable Color in Makeup isn’t going anywhere.  But trying out new products, especially with the uncertainty of them working, is stressful for someone whose makeup bag consists of different hues of beige.  What colors should one use?  Are the products worth the price tag?  Can I create an entire look within my budget?  Anyone walking the makeup aisles can relate to these questions.  Deck of Scarlet removes the stress of stepping out of your Makeup comfort zone while also offering variety and affordability.

Deck of Scarlet released its 9th palette on July 1, 2018 named “POWERFUL.DECADENT.FIERCE”.  Whether you’re new to Makeup or a seasoned pro, the palette offers purples and warm nudes everyone will love.

So What’s included?


SUPERNOVA: Amethyst shadow with high level silver pearl.
CRUSH:Plum shadow with a matte finish
DRAMA: Grey toned brown shadow with a soft matte finish


SHHHH: High impact powder highlighter with a champagne golden hue.
WHISPER: Dusty rose blush with a hint of golden pearl, featuring a soft matte finish.

On the Lips:

TEMPTING: Full coverage, cool toned pink lip paint with a comfortable creamy finish.
PASSION: High impact orchid lip paint with a full coverage, creamy finish.


BLACKOUT: Blackest black mascara that provides astounding length, definition, and volume to the lashes.
It’s impressive and rare for a palette that retails for $44.95 to include so many products.  If you’re feeling adventurous, Deck of Scarlet also includes a bimonthly subscription option  for $29.95 and can be purchased here.  Pretty amazing, right!  If that wasn’t enough, the Deck of Scarlet empowers artistry. Each palette highlights an amazing artist.  The 9th edition is a collaborating with YouTube sensation Belle Jorden.



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