The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

Have you tried this?


I am currently in the hunt for the perfect face masks; one that purifies my skin and leaves my skin with a natural glow.  Ideally, I would love for one mask to accomplish EVERYTHING, but that may never happens.  I would describe my skin as combination dry w/ an oily t-zone.  I do not have cystic acne but I do suffer from black heads.  For the purpose of clarifying my skin’s impurities, and absorbing excess face oils I picked up a foil size of The Body Shop’s “Tea Tree Face Mask” at my local Ulta.  Online, this product is marketed for men, but I’m pretty sure a face mask won’t judge.

The mask promises to lift away impurities, while providing a cooling sensation.  2014-09-04_22-25-57


3.38 oz retails at $15.50

This was certainly an impulse purchase, and if done with research I  would have purchased the full size jar.

The foil packet cost $2.50 for 0.20 oz whereas the 3.38 oz jar costs $15.50.


0.20 oz retails at $2.50


Considering the foil packet provided ample product for one application, the jar provides enough product for 17 applications.  It would take 17 packets and $42.50 to equal the amount of product in the jar.

Therefore, the Jar is a more economical alternative.

THE MASK: The consistency is thick yet creamy.  Once applied you begin to feel a cooling and tingly sensation that is not uncomfortable.

THE PROCESS: It takes around 10-15 minutes to completely dry.  As it dries you will notice the mask lightens in color.

THE RESULT: It leaves your face glowing and clean without feeling too dry.  I do not have cystic pimples so I do not know if this is strong enough for them.

THE VERDICT: I must say I was satisfied with this product but will not purchase the product again in the 0.20 oz size.

Have you tried the The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask?

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