Crown Brushes

While at LA BeautyCon, I had the pleasure of stopping by the Crown Brush Booth.  For those unfamiliar, Crown Brush is a company that specializes in affordable makeup and accessories.  Prior to entering the crazy world of Make Up, I had no idea of their existence.  Although Crown Brush is not found in a pharmacy, Sephora or Ulta they can be found online on their website or other online distributors by the likes of  Hautelook or Amazon.


From left to right: Syntho Precision Powder, C461, Deluxe Shadow Crease, C330

The total for all four brushes came out to $18.00 with tax.


For the price, the brushes are very sturdy, soft and durable.  The black handles are hallow plastic. So they are much lighter than both Sigma and MAC brushes.  Yes, in comparison to these brands, Crown Brush is more affordable.  I would even go as far as saying cheap, but that I feel diminishes the perception of the product’s quality.

As I found these very affordable, I found them practical for a person who is creating their first brush kit, or a professional who needs several brushes on hand.  While doing some research, I did find that this brand has some cons.

First of all, I have read that the brushes sold individually are better in quality than the brushes sold in sets.

Some of the cons mentioned were: scratchy, cheap feeling, shedding, color bleeds when washed.

Personally, I have not experienced this with Crown Brushes.

 I have noticed is that although the brushes feel soft on ones eyelid, they pick up more eyeshadow, so apply gently ladies.

Overall, I cannot complain for the product’s price tag.

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