The Teddy Bear Coat proves to be more than a fad!

It’s officially FALL! In Los Angeles, that means we reach mid to low 70’s. Clearly that’s nothing to brag about since other states hit below freezing temperatures but we’ll embrace our faux fall with Autumn decor, boots and the traditional coat. One ubiquitous trend we’ll be seeing this year is the Teddy Bear Coat. Last seen in 2018, it has quickly proven more than a fad; seen this year in just about every price point.

October is somewhat late in the season to purchase a coat as most are sold out by now but it finally got cold in LA. If you’re fond of this style I recommend purchasing your Teddy Bear Coat as soon as possible. If you aren’t sold on the idea of a coat that is reminiscent of a stuffed animal hear me out. Not only is it comfortable, I mean Pottery Barn throw comfortable (that’s a whole other story for a later date), it can be dressed up into a sophisticated statement or dressed down with your favorite legging. Who knew a coat dubbed the Teddy Bear had such versatility.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorites. I’m leaning toward the thigh length, double breasted style. Here are a few of my favorites, I can’t wait to show you which one I purchase! I’d love to know if you get one.

J Crew Teddy Sherp Topcoat
Retail $248
Avec les Filles
Maxmara – Double Breasted Camel Hair Blend Teddy Coat – Retail $3690
UO Teddy Overcoat
Retail $149

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