The VIP Pack

In the spirit of Christmas being advertised far too early, let me provide an incredibly late review.

Over the summer, drybar released “The VIP Pack” , a sample pack that included mini versions of their “Detox” Dry shampoo, “Southern Belle” Volumizing Mousse and “Money Maker” Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Having gone to the drybar salon, I was eager to try these three products without splurging on their full size counterparts.

1. Detox (dry shampoo):

This dry shampoo has true matifying properties.  It allows you to prolong your blow out by three days without compromising its texture.  It’s great for areas that tend to get oily, such as bangs.  I hate dry shampoos that leave your hair feeling stiff and dry.  Unlike other dry shampoos that provide the appearance of clean hair while feeling stiff, this one does not leave you feeling dirty and self-conscience….like a bad Friday night.

So now that we know it works, does it have any flaws?  Unfortunately, yes.  The Detox dry shampoo has a very strong pungent smell.  It smells clean but it’s not a smell everyone enjoys.  Given it’s small size, I was under the impression that I could touch up my hair throughout the day- for example at work.  To my dismay, this product is not discrete.  The smell is so pungent, people walk into my office asking what I sprayed.

What does it smell like?  That’s the thing, I know I have smelled it before, but I simply cannot pinpoint the scent.   If anyone of you know, please do share.

Another issue I had with this product is that the talc leaves your hair looking ashy.  As a brunette, the white overcast is far too noticeable to pull off.   I did however, discovered if you apply the product at night and brush out any residue in the morning your hair does not look as white.

2. Southern Belle (Volumizing Mouse):

I really enjoyed this product to define my curls.  It was not sticky or tacky and it left my hair looking defined without the crunch most traditional mouses leave behind. Unfortunately, as a volumizing product, this fell short of my expectations but I do see myself repurchasing this product especially since it protects your hair from heat.

3. Money Maker (Flexible Hold Hairspray):

This product is true to its description.  After applying this hairspray, it is flexible enough where you can still comb through because your hair is not stiff or staticky. This is a light-hold hair spray, great for avoiding any frizzy hair from sticking up without the appearance of stiff hair.

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