Au Naturel: Bite Lipstick

Bite Lipstick is a new Beauty Brand that focuses on creating a product that contains natural ingredients with exceptional quality.  The Lipstick is both Organic and Edible.  Surprisingly enough, that is one of the reasons why the Creator of Bite Beauty created the line.  Did you know over the course of a lifetime a woman eats several pounds of lipstick?  I don’t remember the exact amount, but it seems logical since I tend to lick my lipstick off every time I wear them!  In addition to being healthy for you, “Each Bite Lipstick is infused with the age-fighting antioxidant resveratrol—the equivalent of five glasses of wine.”  Who doesn’t love smart, innovative, beauty products?


Let’s first discuss packaging.  I simply love the simplicity to Bite Beauty’s packaging.  It’s not at all super girly or childish and by no means will appear unprofessional  or embarrassing if you apply this on the go.  I would compare the bullets to that of Nars or MAC’s .


Bite Lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, opaque bursts of color.  They have a creamy matte finish that is not at all drying but rather very moisturizing.  The wear time however,  does not last long.  I still need to test out whether or not it blotches throughout the day. (Stay tuned for some lip swatches).




Top: Rose

Bottom: Vidal

Left: Rose    Right: Vidal

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