Origins Super Spot Remover



We all get pimples.  Let’s face it, after graduating from High School, I believed my time spent using Clearasil and Oxy pads were long gone.  Granted my use of these products have dissipated my never ending acne problem has not.  This is not to say they do not work, but rather, my Sephora addiction has introduced me to the high fashion world of acne treatments.

In comparison to Clearasil, Origin’s Super Spot remover is Clearasil’s pretty cousin who is captain of the varsity cheerleading squad.  A far cry from those embarrassing moments spent at CVS trying to conceal the purchase of zit cream.  (shoot  i’ve even tried Zapzyt)

The small, and I do emphasize SMALL  0.3 oz blue bottle is a clear 1.50% Salicylic Acid acne gel, which promises to, “instantly help speed healing while anti-spot technology helps visibly correct post pimple darkening”.  Unfortunately, in contrast to the raved reviews this product failed to correct the cystic acne lurking on my jaw line.  This product may be suited more towards the use of healing white heads or black heads.

Have any of you used Origins Super Spot Remover before?  Let me know in the comment section.

As for me, my quest continues…

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