Benefit’s “Cheeky Sweet Spot”

After falling in love with Benefit’s “Cheeky Sweet Spot” pallet, I couldn’t help but fixate on the clunky packaging.  Don’t get me wrong, the packaging is sweet and whimsical for the holidays. For some, come January, it becomes impractical and somewhat unnecessary.  After all the holiday shopping, clunky packaging is the last thing I want.  With that said, the pallet is awesome but the clunky packaging is not a deal breaker.  So it’s only logical that I decided to depot the Benefit’s “Cheeky Sweet Spot” into a Z-Pallet.


Here is what you need:  Z- pallet & Goo Gone

First remove the pallet from the tin. The pallet easily comes out of the tin container.

Then peel off the first layer of foam.


Each blush pan can be removed manually from the foam.

(It’s so easy, you don’t need extra tools).


Use the Goo Gone to remove any sticky residue left on the pan.


And…. voila !!!!


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