benefit’s: Cheeky Sweet Spot

Benefit cosmetics opened an adorable sweet shoppe filled with holiday collections.  This year I was drawn to their “Cheeky Sweet Spot” pallet which is filled with five of their lovable blushes, their bronzer Hoola, and highlighter.

As someone who does not own any of their blush products I thought this was a fantastic deal.

   For only $36.00, if purchased separately, this limited edition pallet is valued at $119.oo.

The blushes come in a cute christmas tin, which is festive, and may not be suited for fellow grinches, but please do not let that fool you.  This is a great pallet and by far one of the greatest holiday releases.  Personally, I was more drawn to the “deal” than the packaging, seeing as the packaging is too festive and really bulky for post holiday uses.  However, seeing as I will be de-potting the pallet,  it was not a deal breaker.  (Will be de-potting into a z-pallet later… post to follow).

Here is a look at what comes inside: A pamphlet for Tips and Trick and easy “How To’s.

Look at how gorgeous these blushes look !!!  Each blush within the pallet is labelled two ways.  First there is a clear plastic insert that has each name written on a white bow.  The blushes also have their names engraved, which is fine up until it wears off.  Seeing as it is something I would like to de-pot, I do not have a preference on how they did this.

Finally, the pallet includes a mini  version of benefit’s “Watt’s Up! highlighter and a rather small brush.


From Top to Bottom: Dandelion, Bella Bamba & Sugarbomb

From top to bottom: Rockateur, CORALista & Hoola

After swatching each blush I have no complaints.  (This is the first time I’ve used their blushes).  I was very pleased with their pigmentation and wear time.  Once swatched, the blushes do appear very warm toned.  They do vary in between having a sheen to being very glittery, none being matte.  That being said, they provide enough pigmentation for a warm glow and are very buildable.

I was impressed with how soft the blushes felt.  They feel very similar to the Lorac Pro Pallets.

I would love to hear from those of you who have used their blushes to see if there are color variations.

I can’t wait to try more of their products!

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