Brand Spotlight: Sulwhasoo

Earlier this summer, Sulwhasoo launched their latest campaign,  “Find your Balance” which is rooted in the brand’s philosophy that “holistic beauty is achieved through harmony and balance”.  It’s funny how sometimes the most unexpected advice is given at the most needed of times.  Especially since the last place I’d expect to analyze my life was while attending the Sulwhasoo event.


Sometimes the most unexpected advice is given at the most needed of times.

Now to fully understand the campaign, let us start from the beginning.  That’s right, let me introduce you to Sulwhasoo and why you shouldn’t just use it solely on the fact that it’s fancy and luxurious.

Sulwhasoo or ‘Sul-wha -Soo’ literal meaning is ‘Snow Flower Phenomenal”.  A beautiful analogy on the strength and resilience found in a women’s beauty.  Similar to the Snow Flower, when taken at face value, a woman’s beauty is both beautiful and delicate yet strong and full of vitality in the harshest of conditions.



 The simple act of being a woman is difficult.  An endless balancing act between our careers, family, friends and health.  Ironically, our appearance is governed by our largest organ – our skin.  To add insult to injury, our skin is an accurate mirror of our ability to maintain such a balance.  Have you been sleeping well? drinking enough water?  exercising?  Are you stressed? Drinking one too many glasses of Merlot?  Well you may be applying the extra strength concealer but people can notice you are trying to cover the fact that your skin is dull, dehydrated, and uneven.  Did I mention those enlarged pores don’t help.  It sucks, I know!  But our skin is that one friend that reveals all our deepest secrets.


Sulwhasoo’s new campaign challenges us to “find our balance”.  This is the part of the event where I unexpectedly found myself questioning my own current state; like when you find yourself watching those bad late night infomercials where you silently answer yes to every embarrassing question.  It’s no secret that the Sulwhasoo “First Care Activating Serum” balances your skin (I’ll follow up on a separate post) but it was refreshing to find a brand whose philosophy also emphasizes one’s mental balance.

As women, we are constantly being told the meaning of physical beauty, what products we need to achieve the latest trend and lately contrary to previous advice that we should embrace our individual beauty.  That alone can cause anyone stress and unbalance.  So it was refreshing to hear a brand say,  “step back from the chaos and love ourselves in the simplest of forms and beauty will be a reaction”.


Amongst all the chaos there are more important thing to strive for before beauty: love, family, friends, health and career.  Each pillar was symbolically represented by a flower we would later use to create a crown.



The exercise was a simple way to reflect upon Sulwhasoo’s philosophy.


Finding your balance isn’t easy, but finding good skincare that balances your skin should be!

Sulwhasoo is confident in providing your skin with physical balance.  After using the product for two months I completely agree; they should be confident!  Finding your balance isn’t easy, but finding good skincare that balances your skin should be!

Will you take the Find your Balance challenge by Sulwhasoo?

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