The It Cosmetics Brush Love Cleaner

Who knew cleansing, disinfecting and conditioning your brushes could be so easy.  From experience, finding the perfect brush cleanser is like dating.  We all have our dream list, you know ladies, the one tucked away specifying rather detailed yet heinous desires we’d only admit during federal investigation.  Yes, my description is a tad exaggerated but I would like to hold my cleanser to a certain standard.  I would like it to smell good, dry quickly, disinfect, condition, cleanse, and ultimately be residue free.  As you can see, a dream list because we’ve all been victims to a cleanser that cleans well but whose scent is reminiscent to wood cleaner.  Or one that leaves my brushes smelling divine but whose cleanliness I wouldn’t trust on my skin.  At a loss, I was surprised my dream list when I tried the It Cosmetics Brush Love Cleaner.


The It Cosmetics Brush Love Cleaner contains 3.4 fl oz and retails for $19.50 and can be purchased on the It Cosmetics website.

The It Cosmetics Brush Love Cleaner is safe to use on either natural or synthetic bristles and powerful enough to dissolve even waterproof makeup while also being Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial.  For the purpose of my review, I will be using blending brushes with pigmented Inglot Eyeshadows.


I love that the It Cosmetics Brush Love Cleaner is remarkably both fast and easy to use.  You literally spray, wipe and dry.  The first step is to obviously spray your brush with product.  I found after using this for the first time that it’s best to spray the product directly onto a paper towel or tissue as it does have a generous sprayer.

The cleanser has a faint citrus scent but it’s nothing too bothersome.  It leans more on the sweet citrus side  rather than the citrus industrial solvent side.


After spraying the brush and wiping it off on a paper towel, you can quickly see the eyeshadow dissolve.  The oil based formula is also strong enough to break down cream products, yet isn’t greasy enough to leave a film or residue on your brushes.  I did find my brushes were left with a residue only when I was extremely but I mean E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y  generous in application.  Rest assured, if you happen to still feel any residue from the cleanser, it is safe enough to be on your face as it is contains collagen, peptides and vitamins A, C and E.



As you can see, the results are pretty darn impressive. The It Cosmetics Brush Love Cleaner did a wonderful job at removing the eyeshadow in a very limited amount of time.  Maybe finding a date that meets our dream list is difficult, but I’m glad to say finding the right Brush Cleanser isn’t.

Have you guys tried the It Cosmetics Brush Love Cleaner?

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