Clinique Clarifying Lotion

I’ve been told your face is important for several reasons.  Essentially, it’s the canvas that holds your most prized features.  What holds such promise also holds grounds for insecurities.  From the moment we find our first pimple to the time we discover our first wrinkle; our face becomes scrutinized for each and every imperfection.  Of course each time we discover something new, we either magnify reality into a far greater scale deemed natural or stay in denial.  My experience with Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion is far from what one might expect.  While venturing out in the wonderful world of Sephora, my attention was drawn to what I once considered a lackluster brand.  My opinion is not based on quality but on mere aesthetics.  Prior to this experience, my image of Clinique was grouped together with several forgotten brands.

This probably goes without denying my obsession over the Whack a Moles residing on my nose is slightly exaggerated.  These dark creatures, which hide so cleverly in the dark pores only appear magnified when concealed with makeup.  So if a product claims to hold the secrets to my salvation by all means I will try it, buy it or make it.

Upon trying this product, my utter negligence seemed intolerable.  How could I say I have loved my skin prior to trying this Clarifying Lotion?  Having tried several toners and Clarifying lotion’s, none compare to the level of performance found in this product.  Not only does it strip away all the dirt and oil.  It does so without leaving my skin feeling dry or sticky.


My initial reaction was shock, mixed in with amazement and disgust.  At the end of the day, my cotton pad is repulsive.  Lets just say my love for this product outweighs my embarrassment.


Is this disgusting?   YES.

Embarrassed?   Yes

Am I in love?  You Bet!

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