Vaseline Rosy Lips




Although released in the US late last year, I was extremely excited when I saw these little pots of love this past week at my local Target.  I immediately noticed the resemblance to Smith’s Rosebud Salve.  For a fraction of the cost, Vaseline Lip Therapy is a great way to introduce yourself to a petroleum jelly lip balm without the commitment.  This is a straight forward product if you’ve used petroleum jelly before.


Rosy Lips is a long lasting moisturizer without feeling tacky or sticky.  It comes in a tiny, and I do mean TINY 0.25 oz mini Vaseline container.  Can you say super cute?  The light pink tint is a great way to brighten up your lips for spring.  I must say, if you have pale lips this is definitely a great pink tint; however, darker lips might not agree.

The price is fitting for a lip balm, yet overpriced for petroleum jelly considering  you are paying twice the price of a 7.5 oz of regular vaseline for less product.  For being in a pot container, I love that it is deep and not wide.  Meaning when I open the container, the chances of little dirt particles and fuzzy stuff getting stuck on the product feels less likely.  Am I crazy? Maybe, but the way the pot is designed is comforting.

Now let’s talk about the negatives….

Although the packaging is cute, it is difficult to open.

It’s advertised as lightly rose scented but it isn’t.  What does it smell like?  … I’m not too sure.

So what are your thoughts?


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